If you have ever spent any time around voice teachers you will quickly learn that they love to talk about the voice and vocal technique. Even the ones who say, “I don’t like just sitting around and talking about voice all the time,” are still, in effect, talking about voice.  And they are lying. 

One of the great things about studying the voice and how it works is that there are new discoveries constantly being made. There are principles and methods that go back hundreds of years, and there are new techniques being tried right now. 

Some teachers of voice can be very proprietary with their particular ideas about teaching voice.The goods ones are happy to share their ideas. Several years ago there was an article published in Opera News that asked the question “Is it a good idea to study with a teacher who no longer sings.” It went on to discuss the pros and cons. I can’t imagine being a singer who doesn’t teach, or a teacher who doesn’t sing. Each one influences and informs the other. I suppose for someone like Domingo who has had one of the longest lasting careers of any of the opera singers from this era it doesn’t matter. The knowledge he has in his head about singing is probably so vast that he has nothing left to learn. For the rest of us, singing and teaching go hand in hand and one helps the other.

I love to talk about voice. It seems like each day I find new ways of thinking about vocal technique and new ways of approaching technical issues. I look forward to sharing these insights with you. And anything else that might be bouncing around in my head.

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