I would love to welcome you to my voice studio. If you are looking to take lessons to improve your voice you have come to the right place. My rates are competitively reasonable. Take a lesson and see what you think. I don’t ask students to commit to a minimum amount of lessons to begin. I am confident once you have a lesson with me you will want to continue.

My students range from 8-Adult and are all in different stages of development. Someone once asked me, “can anyone benefit from voice lessons?” My answer is yes! No matter what quality your voice demonstrates today, it can be improved for tomorrow.

And it doesn’t matter what your aspirations are. I have students who want to be the next great American Pop Star. I have students who want to get the lead in the high school musical. I have students who want to be professional opera singers. I have students who just want to feel more confident in their church choir.  And I have students who will never sing in front of anyone but still want to improve the sound of their singing voice.

I don’t teach gimmicks and there is no magical “Howell Method” of voice.  My teaching is based on vocal science, vocal performance standards and practices, a lot of experience and an understanding that there are many methods and paths that lead to vocal exceptionalism.

As a member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing I abide by the code of ethics they recently adopted.