But I’ve Got No Place To Sing?

June 8, 2020

Greetings fellow voice person… Let me tell you that nothing lasts forever. Just as you an I have an end date on this earth, so to Covid 19. If you are like me it doesn’t matter much…have voice, must sing! That being said, I find myself erring on the side of silence these days. I found a nice outlet with a church that was in need of some hymn singing, but in terms of using my full voice and practicing, I have pretty much put that on a shelf. Some of my lack of singing is based on my surroundings. I just moved from Syracuse to Rochester and suddenly putting up shelves in my garage is more pressing than singing a Caruso scale. But at this point I am tired of being in a place where I can’t feel free to sing. Due to the Corona Virus lockdown and summer my entire family is in the house 24/7. Whenever I sing with my full voice I get, “I can’t hear the TV…I’m in a zoom meeting…daddy, you’re too loud”

My wife and I are currently sharing a finished basement office space and so recording, practicing and teaching can only be done during certain hours while she is not working. She has done everything possible to relocate when it’s time for me to teach, but I don’t like having to get in her way.

I am currently hard at work building a second finished space for her to occupy. It is a large space and 3/4 of it will be a workout room and the rest office. I will post pictures of both spaces when I get them completed. And hopefully soon I will be back in the studio recording whatever is next!

Stay tuned.

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